When does daylight savings time start: watch now

Clocks Go Back on Sunday: In the UK, clocks change at 02:00, offering an extra hour of sleep on October 29.

Clockmakers' Museum Challenges: Museum's 90 delicate clocks manually adjusted, taking up to three hours.

Delicate Clocks Handling: Clocks moved forward 23 hours to prevent damage; a meticulous task.

King Cross Station's Harry Potter Clock: Staff once turned off power, now automated since 2012 refurbishment.

Clock Changing Tradition: Clocks shift from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time at 02:00.

Historical Clock Adjustments: Clocks changed during WWI to conserve energy, a practice adopted by Europe.

Weekend Clock Change Tradition: Saturday night/Sunday morning shift to minimize disruption for schools and businesses.

Shepherd Gate Clock's Unchanging Time: Greenwich Mean Time maintained year-round for authenticity at the observatory.

Expert Horologist's Insight: Francis Brodie keeps Shepherd Gate Clock at GMT, creating an authentic time experience.

GMT in the UK: Greenwich Mean Time in effect until March 31, 2024, marking the UK's time standard.