Trump Rival Pence Ends 2024 Run: Shocking News

Former Vice President Mike Pence ends his presidential campaign, stating it's not his time, at the Republican Jewish Coalition donor conference in Las Vegas.

Pence becomes the first major candidate to drop out of the race, acknowledging the overwhelming lead of Donald Trump, his former boss.

Despite not endorsing anyone, Pence implies the need for a Republican leader who appeals to the "better angels of our nature" and advocates for civility in politics.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Trump do not mention Pence in their speeches following his announcement.

Pence's decision prompts speculation about more candidates dropping out and consolidating the field, given Trump's significant lead.

Pence faced challenges in gaining support due to his role in certifying Biden's election, despite his adherence to constitutional principles.

Trump's base largely dismisses Pence's candidacy, embracing Trump's claims of election fraud and attempts to overturn the 2020 results.

Pence's fundraising struggles, $620,000 in debt by October, highlight the financial challenges, making it difficult to sustain his campaign.

Traditional conservatism represented by Pence faces competition from populist and isolationist approaches in the Trump era.

Despite Pence's exit, the Republican primary continues, with Trump's dominance shaping the landscape.