The Last of Us 4 truly begins this sick twisted road trip

Joel and Ellie finally get the task battery they need to find Tommy Joel's brother and member of the Fireflies

Joel explained Tommy's membership with the rebel organization at the end of the last episode.

which may give them a clue as to the location of a medical outpost that is working on a cure

And they need Ellie who for some unexplained reason is immune to infection

Blue Rings

And now Ellie has a pistol too. It's great when your support characters have some ammo themselves.

And it will be needed because we are road warriors no longer holding back the distance our legs can take us

And at the same time we're learning new skills like how to read maps and siphon gas.

The porno mags in video games that helped inspire the entire last episode get the Easter egg treatment here, too.

Blue Rings

After a day's drive the pair sleep in the woods where Joel tells them no infected will bother them

Ellie meets a tiny bathroom reader and tries to lighten the mood by reading some silly sentences

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