I Can't Believe We Even Have To Say This But Leonardo DiCaprio Is Not Currently Dating A Teenager

But she has dated a 19 year old in the past but he is 48 now when she was 43

And like every time he faithfully sits next to a woman under 25

and or talks to him or takes him to the mall then people assume the worst that he is a senile old man

And just today the Daily Mail reported that Leonardo may be eyeing a 19-year-old model named Eden Polani.

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He's been like this ever since he broke up with his last girlfriend shortly after she turned 25.

And it is also said that the Oscar winner was recently spotted clubbing with the 23-year-old daughter of a soap star.

DMZ later learned from a close source that he is not dating seriously as of now

The source revealed that Polani and Leonardo sat next to each other at a record release party and it was a coincidence.

If Leonardo talks to a girl or is sitting with her, it does not mean that he is dating her.

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