Everybody takes various paths to manage costly fixes Tesla protects

Tesla Inc's electric vehicles are costly to fix and due to expansion, automakers and back up plans are resolving the issue in an unexpected way

Musk says Tesla is making plan and programming changes to its vehicles to diminish fix expenses and insurance payments

Protection transporters are discounting Tesla Model Ys due to low mileage, sending them to rescue barters in the wake of finding them too costly to even think about fixing

Elon Musk said during Tesla's final quarter profit approach Wednesday, that the expenses of outsider guarantors have been preposterously high at times

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Also, he said the EV producer's protection arm was constraining Tesla proprietors into purchasing those vehicles by offering lower rates.

Elon Musk additionally said that we are making changes in plan and programming and furthermore lessening the maintenance cost of Tesla in the event of impact.

Rolling out even little improvements to the guard and configuration giving extra parts expected to fix the crash has a major effect

Furthermore, he said most episodes are tiny and have a wrecked bumper or a scratched piece of the vehicle

Elon Musk says Main Rival of Tesla electric vehicles Click to Know