7.8 magnitude earthquake hits Turkey and Syria, killing hundreds

Many buildings collapse after a powerful earthquake in southeast Turkey and Syria on 6 February 2023

People trying to reach people trapped in a collapsed building in Adana Turkey after buildings collapsed

A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey and northern Syria early Monday via IAH agency AP

The earthquake caused buildings to collapse and a search for survivors in the rubble began in cities and towns across the region

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At least 360 people have been found dead as a result of the earthquake, 237 in government-controlled areas of Syria alone.

And the death toll still continues to rise. Hundreds of people have also been injured, officials from both countries said.

Residents venture out into rainy, snowy night as pre-dawn earthquake hits both sides of border

But aftershocks continued even after the earthquake and buildings collapsed and many buildings collapsed in rubble

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Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Agency said at least 76 people have been killed and 440 injured in 7 Turkish provinces.

According to Syrian state media, in addition to 235 dead, more than 630 wounded were also found in government-held territory of Syria.