About 1 month ago when we last left in 1923 the Duttons family were barely back from Banner Creighton's fatal ambush

Spencer in Africa just got Kara's letter 3 months after she mailed it

When things pick up in episode 5 the family have settled into what narrator Elsa Dutton calls a routine of sadness

Cara spends her heart tending to Jacob's wounds and making futile trips to the post office hoping to hear from Spencer.

Widow Emma visits the grave of her husband John Dutton Sr. who was shot dead during the Banner attack

Blue Rings

And his son Jack ignores his would-be bride, Elizabeth, in favor of patrolling the ranch and plotting revenge.

Both Jack and his attention-hungry fiancee appear to have fully recovered from their gunshot wounds,But sadly, the former soon became a fresh emotional wound.

in which episode his distraught grieving mother takes her own life

Spencer and Alexander make it to Mombasa but have little luck finding onward passage to the States

Taking a legitimate ocean liner has added months to the voyage and seeks alternative travel options